Who we are

MAV Technology was established by the Municipal Association of Victoria in 2004. It is an independently funded support of local government IT, digital and business transformation practitioners, who are committed to demonstrating leadership to improve council and community services.

MAV Technology provides member councils with:

  • Communication channels for members to share ideas, resources, knowledge and experiences;
  • Collaborative procurement opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency;
  • Events & Activities to encourage discussion and innovation;
  • Webinars to share knowledge and expertise;
  • Training programs for professional development;
  • Awards to encourage and recognise innovation in ICT (Information & Communication Technologies);
  • Advocacy for major transformative initiatives;
  • A platform to collaborate with other levels of government and local government associations;
  • Membership of LOLA International local government digital society.

MAV Technology is supported by the MAV Executive Team, MAV Board and the MAV Technology Advisory Committee.

MAV Technology
Jean Ciancio – Manager MAV Technology

MAV Technology is managed by Jean Ciancio on behalf of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) with the support of the MAV Technology Advisory Committee. With over 33 years experience in strategic & project management, Jean brings expertise in producing and managing events & activities, strategic planning, business development and leadership to MAV and MAV Technology, with a key focus on serving the Local Government Sector in ICT support & advocacy.

Jean is also a board member for LOLA, representing Australia, the Victorian Local Government Sector and the MAV.

Please connect with Jean at jciancio@mav.asn.au



MAV Technology operates under an MOU with the MAV and member councils, working towards a common goal of providing technology and digital advice, capability, services, resources and events to member councils.

All MAV Technology member councils are eligible to nominate representatives to participate on the MAV Technology Advisory Committee for a term of two years. Successive terms are permissible. The call for nominations for available positions occurs annually in July/August.

For more information connect with us via mavtechnology@mav.asn.au