MAV Procurement Training & e-Learning

MAV is proud to partner with ArcBlue to bring you an annual calendar of workshops and e-learning modules for people working in procurement, contract or project management and purchasing across Local Government.  To learn more visit

Access on demand e-learning

eLearning offers a ‘right now’ approach to delivering cost-effective training. The MAV Procurement suite of e-learning covers the end-to-end procurement and contract management lifecycle. Click here for more information

Arrange an inhouse Council hosted procurement workshop

  • Upskill 10 or more participants at one time: Along with sessions that are scheduled throughout the year and hosted by MAV, many councils and organisations have taken up the opportunity to host these sessions in-house, incorporating some of their own procedures and guidance into the training content. In person or virtual Council hosted workshops, are an excellent choice for Councils looking to run inhouse contextualised or business unit specific procurement focused workshops for 10 or more individuals.
  • Scheduling: Councils choose a date and time that work best for attendees.
  • Pricing: Inhouse training is priced at the equivalent of 10 individual enrollments into a MAV hosted workshop (see below). The flat rate means Councils can invite up to 20 participants into a workshop for a capped enrolment fee of 10 participants, effectively halving the cost per head.

Contact Procurement to enquire about an inhouse training session at your Council.