Sector-wide Digital Transformation Discovery & Engagement Program – Business Plan

Sector-wide Digital Transformation Discovery & Engagement Program – Business Plan

In February, KPMG were appointed by the MAV Board to deliver the “Business Plan for a sector-wide Discovery & Engagement Program” comprising:

  • Validation of the proposed $1million, 12-month program
  • Alternative funding models and recommendations
  • Risk assessment

At the May MAV Board meeting, Greg Elliot from KPMG presented an overview of the Business Plan. The proposed program will be delivered over an 11-month period and is expected to cost approximately $920k split over two funding stage gates. Stage gate 1 will cost approximately $200k and will be completed within 3 months of commencement. The deliverable would comprise an initial scan of the sector providing a clearer picture of the digital maturity of all councils (technical and cultural measures). It would also achieve a foundational level of engagement upon which the second part of the program and subsequent initiatives could be built. This will not only enable identification of immediate collaboration opportunities, but will also provide insights into how we can best support business transformation across the sector. A one page overview of the proposed plan is available here.

The MAV Board considered and approved the following recommendation at their 1 June meeting: That the Board approve implementation of the proposed Discovery & Engagement Program to Stage gate 1, upon securing the required funding.

MAV Technology is now engaging with the MAV, LGV, LGPro and other local government stakeholders to secure funding and commitment to work together to deliver the Discovery & Engagement program – a foundational piece of work that will be of value to all LG stakeholders. This is partly in response to the observations of the KPMG business plan, the CEO workshop report delivered by Susan Sly (as part of our conference program) and the VAGO report into the effectiveness of support for local government.


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