MAV vs TPAMS Telecommunications Contract

Late last year there was some concern expressed by the MAV and councils about an apparent discrepancy between the infrastructure allowance provided by Telstra through the State Government’s TPAMS pricing and the MAV offering.

The MAV has since negotiated an agreement with Telstra that should the cost of connecting a premise exceed the $20k MAV limit, councils can switch to the TPAMS contract to access the higher limit, without penalty or inconvenience. Telstra will review such applications on a case by case basis.

The MAV agreement with Telstra also provides councils with access to a number of additional services to the three pillars available through the Vic Government contract (this has always been the case).

MAV receives a 0.75% rebate through the telecommunications contract across all suppliers which covers the cost of managing the contract and supports other ICT initiatives.

If you have any questions about the MAV vs TPAMS offerings, please contact Mark Finnegan or your Telstra representative.


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