How can I contribute to the MAV Technology workplan and strategic planning if I am not on the Advisory Committee?

We welcome councils to share their suggestions, recommendations or feedback with our Manager Jean Ciancio, so she is able to present this to the Advisory Committee for consideration.


Is MAV Technology membership compulsory?

No. Membership is voluntary, but you must have a MAV membership in order to become a MAV Technology member.


Is the membership a flat fee for all councils?

No. Membership contributions are determined by a member council’s population, so that councils with a reduced capacity to pay (due to smaller community population) are not disadvantaged.  The fees will include a CPI increase of 3% per annum.


Is MAV Technology membership compulsory to engage in MAV Technology events activities?

Membership is required to access MAV Technology resources, events, activities and training.  Our conference & summit is available to council members and non-members, however non-member ticketing is not available at a discounted rate (for members only) with limited tickets available.


How long is the term for the Advisory Committee?

The term for each member is 2 years, with an option to apply for a second consecutive term, before being required to leave the committee for at least 12 months before reapplying. Membership is to be reviewed bi-annually, following an expression of interest from MAV Technology member council officers.


How can I get involved in MAV Technology, if I am not on the committee?

If you are not on the committee, there are other ways to get involved.  We have taskforces that are formed as required to assist with research, project management, LOLA workgroups, and as on the ground volunteers at an event.  Please connect with us, if this is of interest to you.


How do I find out more about the ICT vendor panel & the procurement process?

Your Procurement team would already have access to the ICT vendor panel, and can assist you with any queries around contracts and pricing.  However, as an alternative you can contact our MAV Procurement team via this form.