MAV Technology has established a private Yammer network to share information and ideas about the effective delivery of ICT solutions for councils. The network has more than 600 active members, representing 76 of Victoria’s 79 councils.

Yammer works in a similar way to Facebook and Twitter, except that it has been designed specifically for business use. It allows businesses, councils and other special interest groups to generate private and secure enterprise social networks to discuss issues, ideas and experiences; share resources; and self-organise. Unlike email, Yammer creates a searchable database of conversations from which anyone in the network can benefit, not just those who were a part of the original discussion.

Access to the MAV Technology network is strictly controlled. Only authorised council representatives (with an active council email address) are granted access, which means users can confidently share information with their peers in relative privacy.

Yammer discussions have resulted in initiation and reinvigoration of important ICT related projects, including the Child Development Information System, Cloud Services Research and Guidelines, Open Council Data Toolkit and the development of various collaborative procurement contracts.

Contact MAV Technology at technology@mav.asn.au