Give your team the recognition they deserve!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 MAV Technology Awards for Excellence. To view their presentations and the announcement of the winners, visit the MAVTV page.

2021 Call for entries now open.

The MAV Technology Awards for Excellence celebrate the efforts and achievements of local government using innovative technology solutions to support council business objectives and improve community services. Winners will be announced at the MAV Technology Awards for Excellence Dinner on Thursday, 29 April 2021. Entries close on 28 FEBRUARY 2021.


Who can apply and how are the entries assessed?

Any council with a current MAV Technology membership or an associated interstate local government association membership is eligible to enter the awards.

All award categories are assessed by independent expert judges in regard to how well they:

  • demonstrate outstanding innovation, effort and outcomes;
  • advance the digital transformation of the sector;
  • support council business objectives; and
  • influence or assist other councils to improve service delivery.

How to enter.

There are two ways to enter. Either:


  • Submit a 15-minute video presentation of your entry to be featured in an MAVTV Collaboration Café in early 2021. Send the link to

Entries are welcome at any time and close on 28 FEBRUARY 2021.

Award categories

There are six award categories for 2021:

Customer Experience Achievement of the Year

Customer Experience has a number of variations and abbreviations. CX, UX, UI, customer centric, people at the centre – they all mean pretty much the same thing – Are we delivering something that people want and can use?  A good digital customer experience requires a totally new approach to service delivery. It demands new business processes and cultural change within council. None of this is easy.

Collaboration or Partnership Achievement of the Year

Working together to achieve better, faster, simpler and more cost-effective outcomes for our communities. Collaboration or partnerships between council business areas; between councils; or between councils and external service providers, other levels of government, research organisations or community groups are all eligible.

Smart City Achievement of the Year

Using information communication technologies and data to be more efficient, solve challenges, and provide new opportunities. Smart communities advocate for the integration of technology and data infrastructure, promote digital technologies to increase the capability of existing infrastructure and services, and champion citizen involvement and citizen-focused service delivery.

Strategy and Planning Achievement of the Year

Without well-defined goals and a high-level plan to achieve them, it can be easy to be deliver unneeded output, rather than desired outcomes. Strategy and planning shapes and guides what the project is, who it serves, what it does, and why it does it. It also clarifies the actions needed to make progress and includes clear measures to determine if it is successful.

Presentation of the Year

This award acknowledges the best Awards for Excellence video presentation. Judges will be looking for engaging, informative and entertaining presentations that inspire and educate people from any council business area to consider how technology can enable service improvement.

Digital Leadership Achievement of the Year

Strong leadership is critical to the success of digital modernisation and transformation in government. Great digital leaders have a strength of vision, trust in their teams and an appetite for innovation and considered risk. They foster a culture that rewards experimentation and continuous learning, and know when to listen, when to ask questions and when to get out of the way so that their teams can shine.

Entries may be considered in multiple award categories.

Australian and International categories

The Victorian Achievement of the Year and the Australian Achievement of the Year will be awarded by the judges to the most outstanding entries from any category.

The winner of the Australian Achievement of the Year will be Australia’s nomination in the 2021 LOLA International Award for Excellence, competing with local government entries from New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom and Belgium. The winner will be announced in November 2021 at the LOLA Conference in Florida, USA. 

The Awards for Excellence Dinner 2021

The winners of the MAV Technology Awards for Excellence will be announced at a gala dinner at The Medallion Club at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne on Thursday 29 April, as part of the 2021 MAV Technology “Champions of Change” National Conference program. It’s a fun, COVIDSafe night with the awards announced in song, exceptional food, spectacular location and great networking.

Entries close on 28 FEBRUARY 2021.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 MAV Technology Awards for Excellence. To view their presentations and the announcement of the winners, visit the MAVTV page.