MAVHACK2 – 3-5 September 2018

MAVHACK2 – 3-5 September 2018

MAVHACK2 will be held in Geelong and Gippsland on 3-5 September, as part of the statewide Digital Innovation Festival (24 August – 7 September).

We held an Ignition Workshop for MAVHACK2 in February, and a Booster Ignition Workshop on Tuesday 8 May focusing on council pain points in “transport”, “waste” and “youth” areas.

At the May workshop, we had hoped to confirm the challenge statements for the “youth” and “transport” teams. We didn’t quite get there because lots of questions were raised about existing programs and available data. And although the opinions we gathered were valuable, we suspect they may be a bit too broad, and not quite enough to guarantee the outcome we want. We also had to defer the “waste” challenge due to high activity in the recycling space.

In order to confirm the challenge statements, form the MAVHACK teams, and attract big audiences to the presentation days, our next steps are now:

  • Prepare an outcome report from both Ignition Workshops
  • Arrange supplementary meetings with key stakeholders in Melbourne and both regions over the next few weeks, to fill the gaps identified in the report and sharpen the focus of the challenge statements
  • Identify current programs and initiatives addressing challenge themes in both regions
  • Identify available key data relevant to challenges in both regions
  • Engage Subject Matter Experts from multiple councils and other stakeholder groups in each region.

MAV Technology has negotiated a partnership with the Victorian Government (Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources – DEDJTR) to present the MAVHACK1 project outcomes, and run MAVHACK2 in both.

DEDJTR are keen to establish an ongoing partnership and have offered $60k of funding support for regional MAVHACK events over the next three years.

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