Infobase is a comprehensive and easy-to-use international database of IT products and services that councils use. It also stores, compares and reports on statistical information, projects and suppliers (including contact details and performance ratings).

Developed in collaboration with local government ICT associations in New Zealand, Canada and South Australia, the database currently includes information from 450+ vendors and 850+ products and services.

Infobase will enable MAV Technology member councils to share rankings of products and services, find councils that are using the same products and services, identify collaboration opportunities and compare council statistics.

The information is gathered via survey questions that can be answered by representatives from various business areas within council (meaning it does not all need to be entered solely by IT staff!). This process should also assist in capturing shadow IT information as users can record products and services purchased outside council IT department processes.

Infobase logins have provided to MAV Technology member councils in November last year. If you haven’t received yours, please contact Lisa Bennetto. If you haven’t entered your council’s information, please do it as soon as you can. The more data collected, the more useful Infobase will become for all MAV Tech member councils.

Through the South Australian equivalent of MAV Technology (LGITSA), SA councils are also joining the Infobase network and started adding their data last month.

View the ritzy promotional video created by ALGIM (the New Zealand local government ICT association) here.

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