CEO Digital Collaboration and Leadership Workshop

As part of The Transformers event, we are inviting council CEOs to participate in a workshop to develop a collaboration framework for local government. The workshop will run for 3 hours and will define the commercial, governance and delivery arrangements required to support ongoing digital service collaboration. This will include the roles and responsibilities of participating jurisdictions, the MAV and State government and will form the basis of a proposed “Digital Collaboration Framework” to local government CEOs and the MAV Board.

A maximum of 32 Victorian council CEOs will join international and interstate experts including Thomas Frey), Larry Irving, Peter Auhl, William D. Confalonieri, Sam Hannah-Rankin and Martin Ferguson. Workshop participants will define priority areas for collaborative digital service development as well as specifying “out of bounds” services that differentiate them from others. They will also validate the framework by “road testing” it against previous attempts to progress shared initiatives that may have stalled for a range of reasons. The workshop will be facilitated by Susan Sly of Lueur Pty Ltd who has extensive experience in the development and implementation of collaboration models in government and the implementation of digital transformation programs. Susan is a highly regarded workshop facilitator, generating high levels of engagement and targeted actions plans that result in concrete outcomes.

Workshop participants are also invited to attend the morning session of outstanding keynote speakers, tour the extensive trade exhibition and enjoy a VIP lunch with our keynotes, as guests of the MAV. An invitation to participate in the workshop went out to all council CEOs earlier this week, from the CEO of the MAV.

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