MAV Technology ICT Leadership Summit – Successfully delivered as a prelude to the 2023 Annual Conference (10-11 Aug)

The successful delivery of the MAV Technology ICT Leadership Summit on 23 June is one to celebrate with great attendance, compelling, informative and thought-provoking presentations, support from our vendor partners and networking drinks to close off the day. It was a great outcome for a first-time leadership summit for MAV Technology.

Learnings from the Summit included how to be Cyber Secure and Safe, The emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Local Government Leadership, Futuristic Planning and Digital Transformation in Local Government.  The learnings and awareness are the preface for what’s to come in August and beyond.

We look forward to delivering the Summit to you again on a yearly basis, revising our delivery month from June to March/April instead.

We will have presentations available soon – so please stay tuned.


Sponsors & Exhibitors
If you are interested in supporting this event via sponsorship or by being an exhibitor, please email to connect with one of our team members.